Friday, April 15, 2011

Organizing the PC #1

Small tribute to... an add-on!
As I have said before, I'm pretty new to the whole blogging, social networking, twitter, etc business. At first, all I wanted to do was to write in my blog, jot down a few ideas about decorating, organize my thoughts (as if I will ever be able to accomplice that!!!), and generally, have a nice time. But now, as I meet all you great people with your lovely blogs, I realize I want to stay more and more in touch with you and your new posts. That's why I created a Twitter account. 
But, what I discovered then has, literally, made me sooo happy:)
It is a small, tiny, add-on for Mozilla Firefox. As you are browsing the internet, reading your favorite blogs, writing e-mails, etc, Echofon is sleepless and it delivers all your tweets in a small window. Yes, it is instant notification of new Tweets, within Firefox. You never miss a tweet, and you are the first to get it!
So, if you are using Firefox, then I recommend Echofon to be your loyal companion!

You can read more about this add-on and download it, here.
It is also available for iPhone, Mac and Facebook, too. Visit their website, here.

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