Thursday, April 14, 2011

7 Tips to keep your Desktop clean and shiny!

Sometimes I look at my desktop and realize that it is ready to burst! So much clutter! It just can't take it anymore. And neither can I. 
So, it is time for some desktop de-cluttering! 

  1. Delete shortcuts (sometimes when you install programs, shortcuts are created by default), or pin them to your start menu.
  2. Create folders to keep your files organized and place them into categories according to type. For example, you can have: "pictures", "applications", "music", "pdf files" folders and place the corresponding files in them.
  3. Move the files you already have (and don't want to place to a folder on your desktop) to your documents folder.
  4. Don't make the same mistake I did, changing the destination folder for downloads to the desktop folder.
  5. Uninstall programs you don't want/use anymore.
  6. Try programs that can do the job for you, such as Fences. Try it, here.
  7. Don't allow time to go by without de-cluttering your files, otherwise you will end up not remembering what is important and what is not so.  
    What about you? How do you keep your desktop clean and clutter free?

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