Thursday, April 7, 2011

Small, bold and beautiful ;)

I'm sorry for not blogging much lately, but I have been lost in the blogosphere! Through Ultimate Blog Party I have literally found myriads and myriads of lovely blogs to read and follow. It seems to me, that eight days of partying, it just isn't enough! How about an… "After-Event" ? :) 

Well, I also need to say that reading all those wonderful blogs has made me rethink my blog's content. Maybe it should contain more everyday bits and pieces, maybe Greek recipes, etc. I really don't know yet, but I will think about it more. 

Until then, I would like to go back to my main focus, that is d├ęcor. Recently, Apartment Therapy has begun a contest entitled "Small Cool 2011". It is, as the title reveals, a contest about small spaces.
In my opinion, decorating small spaces can be more difficult than decorating big spaces. And that because you have to keep practical in mind, as well as beautiful.  Every meter counts! 
I had a quick look through the participants and I have to say that there are many, many inspiration gems :) 

Here is a small sample: 

This is the schedule:

Apr. 1-Apr. 20
Submit Your Entry

Apr. 4-May. 1
Favorite Your Picks

May. 2-May. 9
Vote for Grand Prize Winner

For more small and cool, please click here. 

Would you like to participate?  (hmmm should I???    )
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