Sunday, April 17, 2011

A City Within a Garden

Happy Sunday!

Two days ago, I came across an article about Singapore. The title, "The City Within a Garden", draw my attention, because we often think that it is the other way around; first, we build our cities and then we allow some nature to intrude. Apparently, it is not profitable to just leave some green spaces. We have to build and build and build until everything is covered, so we can sell, or rent. However, this scenario has failed completely in my city. So much so, that my street doesn't even have one tree!
I have to drive my baby daughter 15 minutes away, so she can actually see nature, instead of concrete blocks of flats:

Thank goodness we can't build in the sea.

I am thankful for having this post for our walks.

But Singapore is another story! Although it is a giant city, with huge skyscrapers and a large population, they seem to respect nature, as a priority. They actually co-exist harmonically as "50% of Singapore is covered with foliage, trees and plants". (50%??? Amazing!)

This is their City Within a Garden:

(By the way, excellent descriptions, lovely music, magnificent scenery!) 

That's a place I would love to visit. Just for the philosophy behind the way they chose to build their city.

What about you? Is your city green? Is your street green? Is your house green? Would you like to share a photo to show us? 

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