Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Flowers for summer balconies

As I'm looking at my balcony, I realize that it is in a desperate need for plants and flowers. Thankfully, it still has a few "survivors" from last year's heat wave and a small strawberry plant that even made it through the winter!
So, I have to buy some new plants that have to be "sun-resistant", as my balcony get serious, scorching sunlight during summer. It seems that the best solution would be to get some cactuses, because they are rather strong and durable. The only problem is that… I don't really like them. I would prefer plants with vibrant colors and big blooms:)
But, until they genetically mutate roses and daisies, I did a quick research to find plants that are sun-resistant. Here is what I found:

A great variety of colors to choose from, and with pretty flowers.

Such a lovely, lovely, impressive flower. Plus, it can grow into a really tall plant! 

Lobularia maritima
Small, white, fragrant flowers that look really cute.


A wonderful, resistant plant with daisy-like flowers. My mother used to have these plants in our balcony, but, as I recall, they have a weird smell.

I will buy them and see if they.. like my balcony's sun :) 

Do you like these flowers? Which plant do you think can survive the summer heat? 

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